Soudia Bus Paribahan: Online Ticket, Price, Schedule & Counter Number

Soudia Bus Paribahan

Throughout the country, the ways to travel from one place to another place are three. These are air, water and last of all road. And the cheapest and easy way for traveling is the road.

The buses are the most used transport service all around the country. People feel safer and at ease traveling by bus. For this reason, there are a lot of bus services keeping good rhythm by achieving public trust and giving full support in the transport sector.

Saudia Bus Paribahan is one of the most available and public demanded bus services in Bangladesh. Due to good transport facility, cheap prices of tickets and so on.

Details Of Soudia Bus Paribahan

Saudia Bus Paribahan is mainly a Chattogram based public transport service that is available in the whole Chattogram along with the whole country. They have a good and friendly customer service center, eco-friendly public transport system, both AC and non AC buses and so on.

And a good thing about them is they have a direct connection to the capital, Dhaka. The passengers who need emergency traveling can afford the Saudia Bus Paribahan. They also have VIP facilities present in their service.

Soudia Bus Ticket Price

Most of the services of Saudia Bus Paribahan are limited within Dhaka to Chattogram that is within southern Bangladesh. Because of it being a Chattogram based public transport service it is natural that it will be limited within that part.

You have to buy a ticket first if you want to travel by Saudia Bus Paribahan. The pricelist of the tickets if Saudia Bus Paribahan is given below along with the starting point up to your desired destination.

FromToTypeTicket Price
DhakaChittagongAC750 BDT
DhakaCox’s BazarAC1200 BDT
DhakaBandorbanAC620 BDT
DhakaTeknafAC900 BDT
DhakaKolkataAC1100 BDT
ChittagongCox’s BazarAC / Non-AC400 BDT / 250 BDT

Soudia Paribahan Ticket Online

Due to the present condition of the whole world, it is recommended to you buy the tickets for Saudia Bus Paribahan online. That is because you have to stay at home as much as you can to prevent yourself affected by the covid 19. And you may get discounts for buying the tickets online if you pay the money through brash, nagas and other ways as they give some time-limited offers.

If you want to buy the tickets online,then you have to follow the processes given below.

  • At First, you have to go to the Shohoz website
  • Then you have to enter your destination, the starting point, desired destination, and the date of travelling.
  • Then, you have to choose the seat number with what you feel comfortable with.
  • Then, you have to select the bus ticket and make payment for the ticket and confirm it.
  • So at last, you have done it.

Soudia Paribahan Contact Number

If you want to buy tickets physically or need to contact the authority of Saudia Bus Paribahan then the contact numbers along with the bus counters are needed. So here is all the information given through which you will be able to contact the Saudia Bus Paribahan authority.

Dhaka Counter

Saudia Bus Paribahan has six bus counters in the capital, Dhaka. A lot of people travel from Dhaka to other places due to various reasons. And if you are from Dhaka then you have to go to the following bus counters for collecting the tickets if you haven’t bought the ticket.

But if you already have bought the ticket then you don’t need to do anything but go to the given counter before the departure of the bus. Here is the information about the bus counters of Saudia Bus Paribahan at Dhaka given below.

Counter NumberHotline
Gabtoli Counter01919-654863
Dhaka Fokirapul Counter01919-654858
Sayedabad Counter01919-654856
Sayedabad Counter 201919-654857
Kalabagan Counter01919-654861
Abdullahpur Counter01919-654754

Chattogram Counter

As you know that Saudia Bus Paribahan is mainly working at Chattogram, you can go anyplace within Chattogram by Saudia Bus Paribahan. They have a total of eleven bus counters available in Chattogram.

So the passengers of Chattogram are highly recommended for traveling by Saudia Bus Paribahan as it is the most demanded and available transport service in Chattogram. Locations of the counters along with the contact numbers are given below.

Counter NumberHotline
Soudia Paribahan counter Dampara01919-654821
Chattogram Bohoddarhat Counter01919-654842
Chattogram Nevi Gate Counter01919-654832
Loha Gora Counter01919-654875
Chattogram Cinema Palace Counter01919-654823
Chittagong Notun Bridge Counter01919-654843
Chattogram Bayejid Counter01919-654834
Chattogram Cinema Palace Counter01919-654823
Chittagong Alangkar 101919-654819
Chattogram Alangkar 201919-654825
Chattogram Alangkar 301919-654822

Cox’s Bazar Counter

In Cox’s Bazar there are total six counters of Soudia Bus Paribahan. The information about all of them are given below.

Counter NumberHotline
Kolatoli Cox’s Bazar Counter01919-654813
Cox’s Bazar Terminal Counter01919-654814
Cox’s Bazar Kolatoli Counter01919-654890
Chakaria Counter01919-654892
Cox’s Bazar Laldighi Counter01919-654812
Teknaf Counter01919-654818

Khulna Counter

In Khulna, there is a total of nine bus counters available. The information about the bus counters along with the location is given here.

Counter NumberHotline
Khulna Counter01919-654883
Sonadanga Counter01919-654881
Benapole, BGB camp01919-654946, 01919-654945
Gari khana Jessore01919-654992
Jessore New Market01919-654893
Manihar Jessore01919-654879
Jhenaidah01937-468291, 01747-000070

Barishal Counter

Seven counters of Saudia Bus Paribahan are available in Barisal in different districts. If you need any information about any counter in Barisal, go through the following chart.

Counter NumberPhone Number

Sodia Buses Counter In Other Districts

There are also counters of Saudia Bus Paribahan in other districts of Bangladesh. The following chart is about the information all of those counters.

Counter NumberContact Number
Bandarban Counter01919-654833
Rangamati Counter01919-654837
Feni Counter01919-654731
Barguna Counter01919-654775
Khagchari Counter01919-654882
Barishal Counter01919-654873
Kuakata Counter01919-654877
Chandpur Counter01919-654872
Patualkhali Counter01919-654874
Khulna Royal Counter01919-654883


If you want an easy and comfortable journey then I will suggest you travel by Saudia Bus Paribahan. And if you are the inhabitant of Chattogram then you already know what you have to do. Don’t forget to take health safety measures during your journey. And for more information about the travel facilities or any other things, you can check our other articles. Wishing you good health.

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