Royal Paribahan: Online Ticket Booking, Price, Counter Number

So if you are looking for a safe and sound journey, there is no option better than the road. Most of the passengers in Bangladesh travel through the road. And the buses are the most used vehicle through the road. Because of the huge containing capacity and fast traveling, people use the bus more than any other vehicle for a safe and profitable journey.

Royal Paribahan

In Bangladesh, many bus services are available throughout the country. You just have to choose the right transport facility. And the Royal Transport Bus service is one of the best transport agencies in Bangladesh. From Dhaka, you can go anywhere within the country by the Royal Transport Bus. For this reason, many passengers like to choose their journey by the Royal Transport Bus service.

Royal Transport Bus Routes

The Royal Transport Bus service is a Dhaka-based transport facility by which you can go anywhere within the country from Dhaka. Here I am providing you all the routes through which the Royal Transport Bus service works. Get through the following list.

  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Alamdanga
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Waliipur-Asmankhali-Hatbolia
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Meherpur-Mujibnagar
  • Dhaka-Chuadanga-Damurhuda-Darshana
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Kaliganj-Kotchandpur-Jibananagar-Darshana-Carpasadanga
  • Dhaka-Jhenaidah-Maheshpur-Chougacha
  • Chattagram-Dakha-Chuadanga / Meherpur / Darshan

Royal Express Online Ticket Booking

If you are planning to buy the tickets of the Royal Transport Bus Service, then you have taken the right decision. Because the Novel Coronavirus 19 is spreading so rapidly and we are now bounded within its wrath. It is necessary for us all to stay at home as much as we can. And you may get some discounts for buying tickets online as the payment services such as Bkash, Nagad Rocket, PayPal, etc. give many time-limited offers for paying the price of tickets online. If you want to buy the tickets online then you have to follow the given procedures.

  • First, go to the Shohoz website
  • Enter your destination, starting point, and the date
  • Then, choose the seat number that you want
  • Then, select the bus ticket
  • Make payment for the ticket and confirm
  • Yes, you have done.

Royal Poribohon Counter Number

As I said that the Royal Transport Bus Service is mainly working in Dhaka, there are a lot of bus counters in Dhaka. If you want to reach the nearest bus counter in Dhaka from your location, then you have to go through the remaining part of this article.

Royal Paribahan Dhaka

If you are a passenger from Dhaka, then here is the information about all the counters present in Dhaka

Counter NamePhone Number
GabtaliPhone: 02-9020088
Gabtali Bus TerminalMob: 01775-11332001975-113320
Mazar RoadMob: 01730-465507,01970-465507
MaguraMob: 01756-992767
Magura and Jessore bookingMob: 01993-957341
ChougachaMob: 01756-992020

Royal Express Bus Service Chittagong

The Royal Transport Bus Service also works in the division Chittagong. So if you want to travel by the Royal Transport Bus Service from Chittagong, then here is the information about all the counters present in Chittagong. Get through the following chart.

Counter NamePhone Number
Feni MahipalMob: 01674-555388
BhatiyariMob: 01919-654828
Bar AuliyaMob: 01671-684534
FreeportMob: 016712-346783
Navy gateMob: 01684-957512
Baijid BostamiMob: 01711-735349
BTRCMob: 01869-299601
Khan KhanMob: 01833-004430
OrnamentMob: 01675629767
OrnamentMob: 01770184106,019939573401

Royal Express Chuadanga

In Chuadanga, there is a total of ten Royal Transport Bus counters present in different locations. If you are a traveler from the district Chuadanga and willing to travel by the Royal Transport Bus Service, then you are most welcome. Here is all the information about the bus counters of the Royal Transport Bus Service available in Chuadanga.

Counter NamePhone Number
DarshanMob: 01730465501
Jiban NagarMob: 01730465502
CarpasdangaMob: 01756-992214
DamurhudaMob: 01756-993019
Chuadanga Bara BazarMob: 01775-113321
Chuadanga Bus TerminalMob: 01761-81011
AlamdangaMob: 017622-56792
Valayur junctionMob: 01775-11338
AshmanakhaliMob: 01775-11339
Hat BoaliaMob: 01775-113300

Royal Transport Jhenaidah District

There is total four Royal Transport Bus counters available in the district Jhenaidah. So, travellers from Jhenaidah are requested to contact with the following bus counters for getting your desired outcome.

Counter NamePhone Number
JhenaidahMob: 01775-113325
KhalishpurMob: 01730-465503
MaheshpurMob: 01756-990101
KotchandpurMob: 01730-465504

Royal Transport Meherpur

Only two bus counters of the Royal Transport Bus Service are available in the district Meherpur. So you can contact with the following counters if you are a passenger from Meherpur.

Counter NamePhone Number
NimtalaMob: 0791-63054,01775-11333
MujibnagarMob: 01775-113322


Don’t forget to take your safety measures during the journey as the coronavirus is spreading very fast. And don’t forget to reach your favorable bus counter of the Royal Transport Bus Service before the departure time. And if you need more information about other bus services then you can visit the other articles on our website. Wishing you all the best. Have a nice and safe journey.

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