Dhaka To Rangpur Bus Schedule, Ticket Price & Counter Number 2021

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.A lot of people are living in Dhaka city from several decades as this is the capital of the country and all the headquarters of different services including the national working services. A lot of people are living currently in Dhaka city for their livelihood. In fact, Dhaka is one of the top 5 most densely populated cities in the world. For this reason, people from all places in Bangladesh are still coming to the capital, Dhaka. And Rangpur is also one of them. The distance between Rangpur and Dhaka is about 334 km. And the only way to travel through this route is the road.

Bus is the most used public transport service present in Bangladesh. For a fast and sound journey, people all around the country are preferring the buses more than any other vehicle.

There are many bus services available through this route i.e. from Dhaka to Rangpur and from Rangpur to Dhaka. A detailed information about the bus services available in this route are given in that article. Let’s dive into the discussion.

Dhaka To Rangpur Bus List

Here I am providing you the list of the buses which are available in the route Rangpur to Dhaka and vice versa. I got total nine buses which are regular vehicles in that route. So have a look at this.

  1. Hanif Enterprise
  2. Shyamoli Poribohon
  3. Ena Poribohon
  4. Agomoni Express
  5. Dipjol Enterprise
  6. SR Travels
  7. Nabil Poribohon
  8. Manik Express
  9. Bablu Enterprise.

Dhaka To Rangpur Bus Ticket Price

Different buses have different prices for their tickets. The variation is because of their quality of service. If you want to know about these buses then you can see other articles in our website. There are information about these particular buses as much as I got. Here is the pricelist of the buses available from Dhaka to Rangpur and from Rangpur to Dhaka.

Bus NameTicket Price BDT (AC)Ticket Price BDT (Non AC)
Hanif Enterprise1200500
Shyamoli Poribohon1000500
Ena Transport1200500
SR Travels1200500
Manik ExpressN/A500
Bablu EnterpriseN/A500
Nabil Poribohon1200500
Agomoni Express1200500
Dipjol Enterprise1000500

Dhaka To Rangpur Bus Counters Number

There are many counters of different bus services available in Dhaka travelling through the route Dhaka to Rangpur and the vice versa. Buses like Shyamoli Poribohon, Hanif Enterprise, Dipjol Enterprise, Agomoni Express,Ena Poribohon, Nabila Poribohon etc. are present in this particular route. The information about all of these buses and their counter numbers along with the contact numbers of the following counters are given below.

Shyamoli Poribohon

The Shyamoli Poribohon is one of the best and mostly used buses in this route. The proof is here as you can see that there are total 29 numbers of bus counters present in different locations in Dhaka and Rangpur. The location of the counters along with the contact numbers are given here. Check out the following chart for your preferable counter from your location.

Hili Dinajpur01865-068963
Gabtoli NS01865-068924
Gabtoli VIP02-9002624
Gabtoli Mazar Road02-9011100
Kallyanpur BRTC02-8091183
Sohrab Pump02-8091177

Hanif Enterprise

You all must have Known about Hanif Enterprise if you are a regular traveller through the road. Hanif Enterprise is one of the competitors to the other buses present in Bangladesh. There are total 12 numbers of bus counters present in different locations of Dhaka and Rangpur. If you are willing to travel by the. Hanif Enterprise bus service then you are recommended to check the list given below which is containing all the information as we can gather from several research and communication with all the transport agencies present in Bangladesh. Here is the list about all the information about the Hanif Enterprise.

Counter NameNumber
Kallyanpur-101713-049540, 02-9010212
Rangpur0171 340 2646, 01713-402646
Kolabagan01730-376342, 02-8119901
Arambag01730-376343, 01713-402632, 01713-402671
Technical0171 304 9541, 02-9008475
Shyamoli Ring Road-201713-049532
Shyamoli Ring Road-101713-402639
Kallyanpur-401713-049561, 02-9015673

Nabil Poribohon

The Nabil Poribohon is also one of the top notch performing buses available in our country Bangladesh. A lot of people travel through the Nabil Poribohon everyday. Basically the Shyamoli Poribohon, Nabil Poribohon and Hanif Enterprise along with some other bus services are the top competitors among each other. If you want to travel by the Nabil Poribohon, then you can have a look at the following chart. Here is the contact information and the locations of all the counters of the Nabil Poribohon present in Rangpur and Dhaka. Get through this following chart.

Counter NameCounter Number
Asadgate01839-968533, 01882-003271
Mazar Road Counter01839-968531, 01882-003268
Kallyanpur01869-811012, 01869-811013
Mazar Road01839-968530, 01869-811014

Ena Poribohon

Ena Poribohon is also familiar to everyone of us. They are providing a very good service till their debut on this public transportation sector. There are total eleven bus counters of the Ena Poribohon available in Dhaka and Rangpur. If you are planning to have your journey successful and fast through the Ena Poribohon, then the list of bus counters which is given below will be very much helpful because here we have provided all the information about the bus counters of the Ena Poribohon as much as possible. So without any more delay, go through the given list.

Fokirapul01869-802736, 01872-604475
Mirpur01869-802731, 01878-059201
Manik Nogor, Bissho Road01869-802737, 01872-604476, 01872-604477, 01872-695900
Airport01760 737652, 01869-802726, 01872-695911
Mohakhali01760-737650, 01869-802725
Modhy Badda01869-802735, 01872-604495
Uttara BGB Market01760-737651, 01869-802728
Tongi Station Road01760-737653
Abdullahpur01869-802729, 01872-625733, 01798-911752, 01610-449903
Mirpur 1001878-059201
Kuril Bissho Road01869-802733

Agomoni Express

Agomoni Express is also available through the route Dhaka to Rangpur and Rangpur to Dhaka. There are total six bus counters of the Agomoni Express available in Dhaka and Rangpur. The passengers who are willing to travel by the Agomoni Express and are staying at Dhaka or Rangpur, are requested to check the following table of information. All the information about the bus counters of the Agomoni Express available in Dhaka and Rangpur in different locations are given here.

Kallyanpur01712-083653, 02-8021953
Kamarpara Bus Stand01911-416861
GL Roy Road01712-092123, 052-165133
Rangpur, JAHAJ Company Mor052-163313

Dipjol Enterprise

Dipjol Enterprise is one of the new bus services available in Bangladesh. They are newbies in this sector but they have acquired the top postion in the transportation sector. Total six bus counters of the Dipjol Enterprise is available in Dhaka and Rangpur. Here is all the information about the bus counters of the Dipjol Enterprise available in Dhaka and Rangpur. If you want to travel by the Dipjol Enterprise, then you have to go through the given list.

Counter NameHotline
Gabtoli : 01882-004521
Kallyanpur01882-004524, 01882-004525

SR Travels

SR Travels is also a mentionable name in the field of transportation. They have total eight counters in Dhaka and Rangpur. The passengers willing to travel by the SR Travels can see the given table for further information.

Counter NamePhone Number
Mohakhali02-8834833, 01552-315831
Gaibandha Municipal Bus Station01732-678071
Kallyanpur02-8013793, 01711-39480
Rangpur06445390058, 01193-009310

Manik Express

There are total four bus counters of the SR Travels available in both Rangpur and Dhaka. If you need any information about the counters, here is the table of contacts.

Counter NameCounter Number
Bagura Sathmatha01978-245040, 01978-245041

During this worldwide pandemic situation, you are recommended to take your safety measures about your health. Don’t be tensed about your journey from Dhaka to Rangpur or from Rangpur to Dhaka because a lot of bus services are available through this route. Have a nice weekend.

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