GP Balance Transfer Code 2023

GP Balance Transfer Code

You are transferring a balance from one Gp Sim to another Gp Sim, called Gp balance transfer. If you don’t want to go to the Flexiload shop, you will recharge by transferring balance Gp to Gp Sim. Sometimes the customers don’t know the exact formula. The article is perfect for those customers who do not know the procedure of transfer the balance.

Some steps need to follow, and the efforts have given below:

You need to follow for transferring GP balance. These steps are:

1.Register the Sim

Firstly you need to register your Gp Sim for the service. It is an easy process and not to pay any charges, but an SMS charge is applicable. Anyone can write their SIM. Two types have given below:

For new registration

You need to go to the mobile keypad.

  • Go to Dialing option
  • Type *121*1500#
  • Dial the USSD code
  • Then complete their registration by following the instructions. 

 For old registration

  • Firstly go to the SMS option
  • Open the option
  • Then write the SMS
  • Type REGI
  • And send it 1000 the number. 

A PIN will come to your message inbox and reserve the pin code.

2.Submit Balance Transfer Request

Two methods are available to submit a balance transfer request. Methods have given below:

Dialing method

  • The customer needs to dial *121*1500#
  • Then press the number 2.
  • Enter the number you want to transfer and input the amount between 10 takas to 100 takas every time.
  • Lastly, you need to enter the balance transfer pin.

Messaging method

  • Go to the message option
  • Type”BTR<>space<>pin<>mobile number<>space<>amount (10 to 100)
  • Then send it to 1000 number.

Pin Changing Process

If you want to change your transfer pin code, you have to follow two methods and choose one. Methods are:

1st method

  • You need to dial *121*1500#
  • Then press 3.
  • You have to enter the old PIN
  • Then enter a new PIN.

2nd method

  • Open your message option
  • Write CPIN<>space<>old pin<>space<>new pin
  • And send it to the 1000 number.


  • The customers can transfer limited time, which is ten times per month.
  • Limited  money (minimum 10 taka and maximum 100 takas)   

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