JR Paribahan: Online Ticket Price, Booking & Counter Number

In this 21th century, the world has reached its crown in science and technology. Everything becomes easy nowadays by the grace of technology. Specially people can travel from one end to another end of the world within an hour. So, people had been looking for quick journey due to various reasons. For this cause, transportation services are created in every country of the world.

In Bangladesh, the bus is the most famous transportation media to the common people as they can not afford the price of the tickets of air vehicles. Again in the northern part of Bangladesh, the waterways are not so much active and helpful for transportation. So, they prefer the highway more than other ways.

JR Paribahan

JR Paribahan is one of the bus services available in our country Bangladesh. Everyday a lot of people are traveling from one place to another place by the JR Paribahan. Their service is also good for which reason, may people prefer their service.

JR Paribahan Online Ticket

It is better to buy your tickets of the JR Paribahan because the coronavirus is rapidly spreading all around the world. As you know that there is more possibility of being affected by the coronavirus when you come closer to the affected patient. So, you can buy the tickets of the JR Paribahan for your personal safety from your home online. You can follow the given procedures for buying the tickets of the JR Paribahan online.

  • At First, go to the Shohoz website
  • Enter your destination, starting point, and the date
  • Then, choose the seat number that you want
  • Then, select the bus ticket
  • Make payment for the ticket and confirm
  • Yes, you have done.

JR Paribahan Timetable

Timetable is necessary for traveling because this is public transport. Here I am providing you the timetable for every journey of the JR Paribahan.

JR Paribahan Dhaka Counter Number

There are total four counters of the JR Paribahan bus service available in Dhaka. You have to take your ride on the JR Paribahan from their bus counters. Here the contact numbers along with the locations of all the bus counters of the JR Paribahan available in Dhaka are given here.

Counter NamePhone Number
Dhaka CounterPhone: 01717-657799, 01711-175551, 01717-657799, 01767-280294
Kalyanpur Counter, DhakaPhone: 01767-280295, 01767-280296
Mazar Road Counter, GabtoliPhone: 01737-813650, 01737-813651
Chandra CounterPhone: 01767-280291

Khulna Counter Number

There are total fifteen numbers of bus counters of the JR Paribahan available in khulna. It is more than any other bus counters of other transportation services in Khulna. So, the passengers of khulna can easily take any bus of the JR Paribahan available in khulna. The contact numbers and the locations of the bus counters are given.

Counter NamePhone Number
Meherpur CounterPhone: 01767-280280
Nimtala Meherpur CounterPhone: 01711-232788
Gongni CounterPhone: 01710-034979, 01767-280281
Mujib Nagar CounterPhone: 01716-042645, 01737-813660
Bansbariya CounterPhone: 01977-034127, 01711-034127
Ali Hossain Super Market, big marketPhone: 0761-62699, 01711-131125, 01919-131125
Jibon Nagar CounterPhone: 01737-813656
Darshana CounterPhone: 01737-813600, 01737-813657, 01737-813661
Jhenaidah CounterPhone: 01711-168043, 01192-053117
Kaliganj CounterPhone: 01737-813652
Magura CounterPhone: 01714-778844
Khaleshkundi CounterPhone: 01767-280284
Mirpur CounterPhone: 01767-280286
Kushtia CounterPhone: 01767-280287
Bheramara CounterPhone: 01767-280288

Chittagong Counter Numbers

In Chittagong, there are only one bus counter of the JR Paribahan available. Here is the location and the contact number of that bus counter is given below. Have a look at this given table for getting your desired information.

Counter NamePhone Number
ChittagongPhone: 01872-542526


JR Paribahan is as good as the other bus services available in Bangladesh. You can be able to know about the prices of the tickets of JR Paribahan by contacting with them. Here in the above discussion, you have already seen the contact numbers of the bus counters for different locations. You have to contact with the bus counter available near your home for knowing the prices of the tickets of JR Paribahan. Don’t forget to take your safety steps to prevent of being affected by coronavirus. Have a safe journey by the JR Paribahan.

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