Khulna University Subject List

Khulna University Subject List

If you want to take a part of Khulna University admission, knowing the Khulna University Subject list is essential for you. Students can easily choose desired subject if they know all of the subject of a particular unit. To get a better result on admission test, choosing the favorite subject is must be needed.

Khulna University Subject List

As we know, there are many public universities in Bangladesh. Among of those, Khulna University is popular one. It has started mission in 1991 and has been teaching quality education to the students around the country. If you want to enroll in KU, it’s a very good choice. Here we have mentioned some necessary information to continue with.

Khulna University Admission Units

Like others universities, Khulna University published circular for the admission. There are four units on KU, including A, B, C and D. Each Unit includes several subjects. Right now, KU has a total of 29 subjects for the students. I would like to mention that KU had only four subject for the very first time. Improvement is really appreciate.

A Unit

KU A unit is only for science students. If you want to start career with science and technology in Khulna University, you need to take a part of A Unit. This unit includes all of the subject related to science. If you are a student of other group, go with another unit.

B Unit

Before getting subject list of B Unit, you should know what does this unit mean. Different university has different meaning when it comes to unit. In the Khulna University, B Unit stand for Arts, Law, Humanities and Sociology Education. If you want to take one of those, B Unit is for you. It has a limitation of the subject list. Students who want to admit mentioned group, he has to join B unit admission test.

C Unit

Like other units, C Unit is for certain groups. In the Khulna University, C unit consists Managements and Business administration and similar types of subjects. If you are interested in business and economics. This unit will be teaching everything that you will need to know for the bright future.

D Unit

D unit of Khulna University is only for those who want to continue studying with arts and culture. Many students love this subject. That’s why KU launched a seperate unit on this topic. All of the experienced teachers who working to improve the students skills. If you are also a lover of arts, you need to admit in the D unit of Khulna University.

Khulna University Subject List

Khulna University has many subjects in the several units. The management of the university working hard to maintain the quality and demand. That’s why they add different subjects every year. It’s little bit difficult to understand the calculation of all subjects as a new student. For your better understanding, here we have included Unite wise subject list.

KU A Unit Subject list

As I said earlier, A Unit is for science group students. This unit has limited seats. If you want to take a seat there, you have to prepare yourself strongly and confidently. The unit contains a total of 15 subject. The duration of each subject is four years without architecture. If you want to take architecture, you have to study five years to complete the final year of honours. Here is the subject list:

Name Of SubjectNumber Of Seats
Computer Science and Engineering40
Urban and Rural Planning40
Electronics and Communication Engineering40
Forestry and Wood Technology45
Fisheries and Marine resources45
Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering40
Environment Science60
Soil, water and Environment45
Total Subject: 15Total Seat: 662

Here you can see a total of 662 seats for 15 subjects. Among of those, few are reserved seats. 15 seats are reserved for freedom fighters and more 15 are for ethnic group. Also, extra 2 seats are reserved for BKSP students. At the end, a total of 630 seats is for general students.

Khulna University B Unit Subjects

KU B unit has a total of nine subjects. Those are divided into four faculties. Those are, Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Law and Education. Here is the subject list according to the faculties.

Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities is a faculty of B Unit. This facility has three subjects. Those are:

  • Bangla
  • English
  • History and Civilization

Now come into the number of seats. On this facility, there are 57 seats are available for Bangla and English students. Rest of the 10 seats for History and civilization.

School of Social Science

B Unit contains another section of social science. On this faculty, four subject are available for the students. Those are:

  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Economics
  • Development Studies
  • Sociology

On this facility, there is a total of 180 seats for the students. Among of those, a total of 90 seats is for development and economics studies; each has 45 seats. Besides, rest of the 40 seats is for Journalism and Mass communication students.

School of Law

This is the another faculty of B Unit of Khulna University. It’s called school of law because this department is totally focused on laws. There is only Subject. You may know that it’s Law.

On this section 40 students will be approved because of seats limitation. Among of those two seats is reserved for ethnic groups and freedom fighters.

School of Education

Khulna University a particular department for the education research. All of the activities of this school is based on education. On this section, there are only 25 seats for the new students. And, two seats are reserved for freedom fighters and ethnic groups.

I would like to make sure that there are 18 seats are reserved for freedom fighters and ethnic groups of Bangladesh in the B Unit of Khulna University.

Khulna University C Unit Subject List

Khulna University C Unit is only for MBA students. On this unit, students can be joined after passing admission test like others unit. This unit has two subjects and a total of 96 seats for the upcoming students. Here is two subjects:

  • Business Administration
  • Human Resource Management

Now come into the seats calculation. Among of 96 seats from C Unit, a total of 53 seats for the general students of Business department. Also, there are several reserved seats for the family members of the freedom fighters and ethnic groups of Bangladesh.

On the other hand, there is a total of 40 seats for the students of Human Resource Management. Among of those, two seats is reserved for ethnic group and freedom fighters.

Khulna University D Unit Subject List

D unit of Khulna University is only for the students of fine arts. On this unit, all of the activities will be related to the arts. There is a total of three related subjects for that unit. Those are:

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

If you want to admit for the arts, you have to take a part of the admission of D Unit. On this unit, there is a total of 20 seats for the new students. Among of those two seats is for the quota students.


That was the full article about Khulna University Subject List. Hopefully you have a clear idea about it right now. If you want to admit in the university of Khulna, chose you subject and check out the unit and faculty. To take a seat, you need to study more than ever. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. Thanks for being here.

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