Lalmoni Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Lalmoni Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Lalmoni express train is one of the most comfortable train for visiting lalmonirhat to Dhaka or Dhaka to lalmonirhat. If you are willing to travel from Dhaka to lalmonirhat, gaibanda, bogra, nature, then lalmoni express should be your first choice. Because it has different facilities that you will love.

It has started their journey since January 2014, and take to serial number 751 and 752. Both are very comfortable and you will enjoy trip.

Lalmoni express train number is 751 when it goes Dhaka to Lalmonirhat station. Lalmoni express train number is 752 when it returns from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka station. Lalmoni Express has 16 compartments and a special restaurant as well as toilet and a prayer hall.

Thanks to Bangladesh railway for giving us very good service like lalmoni Express.

Are you looking for something about Lalmoni Express? Don’t worry you are on exact place. On this article I’m going to share with you all of important information about your desired query.

So keep reading at the end, after that you will know lalmoni Express train schedule as well as ticket price..

Lalmoni Express Train Schedule

If you are making a plan to travel lalmonirhat to Dhaka then, you have to go with lalmoni Express because it is the only intercity train to go lalmonirhat to Dhaka. Are you ready to start journey? Before that, you need to about schedule of lalmoni Express to get an idea when you have to ready and come to the station. On the below section, we have provided full schedule of Lalmoni Express. Check out this:

Arrival and departure of Lalmoni Express

For your batter understand I have added both time and place as well. It will help you to make your trip supper easy.

Train NumberDestinationDeparture TimeArrival Time
751Dhaka to Lalmonirhat10:10 PM
08:10 AM
752Lalmonirhat to Dhaka10:40 AM
08:55 PM
  • Departure time of Dhaka: 10:10  PM
  • Arrival time of Lalmonihat: 08.10 AM
  • Departure time of Lalmonihat: 10:40 AM
  • Arrival Time of Dhaka: 08:55 PM

If you want to go Dhaka to lalmonirhat, then you have to come on the station before 09:10 PM. On the other hand, if you are willing to go Lalmonirhat to Dhaka; you should reach on station before 10:40 AM. Otherwise, you will miss the train and you have to wait one day for another schedule. So take care about timing. One thing should be remind that Lalmoni Express not runa on Friday, it’s off day.

Lalmoni Express Ticket Price

Knowing ticket price is important for travel. Otherwise you are likely to be cheated. Ticket prices depend on the distance and the quality. There are several types of tickets available. Below I have tried to mention the price of tickets according to the quality.

Dhaka To Lalmonihat Ticket Price

Seats ClassPrice
Ac (Berth)1395 BDT
AC (Seat)930 BDT
First Class (Barth)930 BDT
First Class Seat-620 BDT
Snighdha465 BDT
Shuvon Chair465 BDT
Shuvon390 BDT

AC breath mean air condition, it’s a comfortable seat. That’s why the price is high and Shuvon is lower than others. Shuvon seat is not comfortable for long journey. Generally, it’s used for carrying agricultural and business products.

Lalmoni Express substation

We know that Lalmoni Express has different substation. It will stop on several places, so that you can take a set from the middle road. If you are a local people, you already know about it. Have a look at substation list and decide from where you have to go. It’s totally depend on your home town and destination.

  1. Natore
  2. Sirajganj Bazar
  3. Joypurhat
  4. Shantahar
  5. Gaibandha
  6. Ullapara
  7. Tangail
  8. Bogra
  9. Bimanbandor

If you want to travel from any of the above places, or here is your house. You do not have to go at the main station. You can get on the train from the substation. If you want to your finish the journey at the mentioned substation, you can get down there directly. That you seat price will be lower than main station.

Substation Wise Ticket Price

The price of your ticket is also depends on the distance of the travel. So, depending on the substation and distance; ticket price will vary. I have added all of ticket price according to substation.

Natore145 BDT430 BDT
Joypurhat90 BDT325 BDT
Shantahar115 BDT410 BDT
Gaibandha40 BDT135 BDT
Ullapara240 BDT850 BDT
Tangail325 BDT1170 BDT
Bogra95 BDT330 BDT

Why you should choice Lalmoni Express?

First of all I already said you to choose Lalmoni Express. Because it has many features that you won’t find in other trains. It is a very comfortable and very popular train to travel on this route. Now I’m going to tell you some facility of Lalmoni Express that you will love.

Facilties on Lalmoni Express

  • Passenger can pray on there without any problem.
  • Clean and safe for the children.
  • It has canteen for eating and drinking.
  • It contains Air conditioner to make your journey comfortable.
  • Primary service immediately for the passengers
  • Wheelchair system for physical patients.
  • There is no hassle with buying tickets.
  • First class passenger can carry 65 kg which is necessary.

Lalmoni Express Train Location Tracking

Sometimes we want to know the location of the exact train. It’s also possible to tracking the location of Lalmoni Express. You can easily Track location from you grameen phone number. First of all go to the message option then type TR<space> Train ID, then send it to 16318. Reply message will show you exactly where is Lalmoni Express. We also know it as train tracker service.

Lalmoni Express Online Ticket

Now everything is going to be easy and time saver. If you don’t like to buy ticket from online, don’t worry about it. You have others options also. Visitors can parchase tickets from online. There are two official method is available:

  • Buy ticket from official website
  • Buy ticket using Android app

To complete your this process, you can follow our another article about Bangladesh Railway Ticket Booking. After that you will have enough idea about it. If you are not understanding any options, put a comment on that article. For a quick response, contact with us.


It was the full details of Lalmoni Express train schedule. If you have a plan to go Dhaka to lalmonirhat or lalmonirhat to Dhaka, I hope it will definitely help you. If you have any problem or question about this information feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting 

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