Sylhet To Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Sylhet To Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train journey is very easy way to travel long distance. It’s safe as well as comfortable. On this article I will provide info about sylhet to Chittagong train schedule and ticket price. All of information adapted from Bangladesh Railway Authority’s official website. So you can take it surely. If there any change with the schedule we will update it.

Are you love traveling by train? If yes! This website will help you by giving information including Train Schedule & ticket price, route distance etc. This article for them whose want to travel from sylhet to Chittagong or Chittagong to sylhet. If you are looking for this, don’t worry! I’m here. Just read it till the end. You will find a proper idea for starting your train journey. I’m going to cover everything, after reading you will not find any other questions to ask yourself.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train List

On this route there are three train is available. Two of them intercity train and there are only one mail trail on this route. Intercity train is very comfortable and it has no more station like mail train. Those two are:

  • Udayan express
  • Paharika express

The number of trains is respectively 724 and 720. And, on this particular route only one mail Express Train. The name of this train is Jalalabad Express.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule

Chittagong is the business based area of Bangladesh. You can day the district of business. Many businessman have to go daily or weekly to Chittagong for purchasing their products. On this moment train is the best way beacouse the fare of the train is very lower than bus. It’s also safe. If you want to go Chittagong from sylhet by the rain then this schedule is is applicable for you.

Train Name (Code)Departure TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Paharika Express (720)10:15AM07:45PMSaturday
Udayan Express (724)09:20PM05:50AMSunday
Jalalabad Express10:50PMNo Off Day

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Time Table

We all know that sylhet is the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. Every day lot of traveler come to sylhet from verious district for enjoying the nature. If you are from Chittagong and want to make a trip to sylhet, this train schedule is for you. Here I have added schedule of Intercity train as well as mail train. Hopefully this table will help you to maintain your perfect time without facing any problem.

Train Name [Code]Departure TimeArrival TimeOff Day
Paharika Express [719]09:00AM05:50PMMonday
Uddayan Express [723]09:45PM06:20AMSaturday
Jalalabad express [13]08:30PM11:00AMNo

Train Name Wise Schedule

As I said before, on this route has three different train. If someone want to go by particular train or one of them is your favorite. On this moment you have to know schedule of this train. That’s why I’m sharing with you schedule for each train.

Paharika Express

Paharika Express is an intercity train on the route of sylhet to chittagong. The code number is 720. It starts journey from sylhet morning at 10:15 AM. After a long time it reaches to chittagong station in the evening at 07:45 PM and Saturday is the off day of Paharika Express on that time. When it goes for Chittagong to sylhet, it leaves chittagong station in the morning at 09:00 AM and keep running for eight hours, it’s reaches to destination at 05:50 PM. On this time code number will change by 719, Monday is the off day on this stage.

Uddayan Express

Uddayan Express is the number two Intercity train on this route. When it leaves sylhet station for going to the chittagong station. It’s starts journey at 09:20 PM and arrives on chittagong railway station at 05:50 AM. Number of train is 720 and Sunday is the off day. In the returning time everything will be changed. It’s starts running from chittagong night at 09:45 PM and arrives to sylhet station in the morning at 06:20 AM. If you love night journey uddayan express will be perfect train for you. Saturday is the off day and train code is the 723 on that moment.

Jalalabad Express

Jalalabad Express is the only one mail train on the route of sylhet to chittagong or chittagong to sylhet. When It starts journey from sylhet. It leaves station at 10:50 PM. And, it leaves chittagong station at 08:30PM. It takes very long time arrives After finishing trip it arrives to sylhet Railway station at 11:00AM. Jalalabad Express has no off day so you can take a seat everyday from the station or from online as well.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Ticket Price

I have described the schedule, now time to share sylhet to chittagong train ticket price. We know that ticket price depends on quality of the seat. After seeing price of all of seat type you can easily decide which ticket you need to buy. Here the ticket price:

Seat TypePrice
Shulov175 BDT
Shuvon300 BDT
Shuvon Chair345 BDT
Snigdha660 BDT
1st Class Seat460 BDT
1st Class (Barth)700 BDT
AC (Seat)790 BDT
AC (Berth)1190 BDT

AC Berth is the higher than others that’s why it’s expensive and shulov is low quality seat, so price is also very low. If you want to travel with comfort then you should choice at least 1st class ticket.

Sylhet to Chittagong Railway Distance

As we have seen above, train takes more than eight hours. From this we can assume it is a very long distance. The exact distance between sylhet to Chittagong is 380.4 Kilometers.

Sylhet to Chittagong train route map

It’s a long journey you will enjoy most. If you start from Sylhet, there are a lot of Landscape to see from the seat. The journey takes more than 8 hours. It will stop permanently in the Chittagong railway station. Before that every train has several station on the route. It will stop there for a while.

Sylhet to Chittagong Train stoppage

Stoppages can be changed according to the train. Although there are many stoppages on this journey, but most of the train will take a break on following station. Those stations are crowdy and someone will get down. Many will take a seat. You can also have a little break on those stoppages.

  • Sylhet Station
  • Maizgaon Station
  • Kulaura Station
  • Srimangal Station
  • Akhaura Station
  • Comilla Station
  • Feni Station
  • Chittagong Station

This was the full article sylhet to Chittagong train schedule and ticket price. Hopefully it will be a helpful for you before starting journey on this route. All of information collected from Bangladesh Railway Website. So they can change it any time. If there any change, I will surely update this article. Don’t forget to share your comment about this article. Share this article with your friends, help them to find out it easily.

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