Rajshahi University Subject List 2023

Rajshahi University Subject List

If you want to take admission at Rajshahi University, you should know about Rajshahi University subject list and faculties. Each university has different faculties. Each facility consists of several subjects. Likewise, Rajshahi University has several faculties. Before going to participate in admission, it’s essential to know which subject is under which unit and faculty. Here we are going to publish everything you need to know about RU admission details and list of subjects.

Faculties of Rajshahi University

Before giving the subjects list, I would like to give you a list of the faculties. As a result you can easily understand each facility and its group, such as low and Arts. Rajshahi University has a total of nine faculties. Each facility takes separate admission for the particular subjects of its. This system makes admission easy especially for those who are thinking of joining there. However, here is the list of faculties.

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Business Studies
  • Faculty of Social Science
  • Faculty of Life & Earth science
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Fine Arts

Rajshahi University Subject List

There are various subjects of Rajshahi University. Here, we are going to inform you about all of the subjects considering the faculty. There are totally 60 subjects under the 9 faculties. From all of the subjects, some of these are applied and some of these are general subjects. 

Arts Faculty Subjects list of RU

There are 12 subjects under the art faculty of Rajshahi University. These  are related to arts and humanities and some of these are related with language and literature. Here you can see the Arts Faculty subjects list of RU 

  • Philosophy
  • History
  • English
  • Bangla
  • Islamic History & Culture
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Studies
  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Persian language and literature
  • Sanskrit
  • Urdu

Law Faculty Subjects List of RU

There are only two subjects in the law faculty of Rajshahi University. These subjects provides a lot of knowledge about law which is very essential for the students. Here is the law faculty subjects list of RU.

  • Law
  • Law and Land Administration

Science Faculty Subject List of RU

Science is an important part of education. So it is an important subject to the students. Reading the subject, students can gain knowledge about science and research. It has nine different departments under the science faculty subjects of Rajshahi University. These subjects are includes here.

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Physics
  • Population Science & Human Resource Development
  • Statistics

BBA Faculty Subjects list of RU

Business is an important thing for a developing country and an important subject for the students. Rajshahi University helps the development of our country by providing Business study subjects. It has six subjects and these are given below.

  • Accounting and Information Systems
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Finance
  • Management studies
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

Social Science Faculty Subjects List of RU

Rajshahi University has some traditional subjects. Social Science is one of them. There are ten subjects under the Social Science faculty. These subjects provides several knowledge about social science. Here is the subjects list of social science faculty.

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Folklore
  • Information Science & Library Management
  • International Relations
  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Social Work
  • Sociology

Life & Earth science Faculty Subjects List of RU

Life and Earth is a modern sector of the science. Rajshahi University provides this opportunity to the students to gain knowledge about it. There are seven subjects to understand the faculty deeply. Those subjects are given below.

  • Botany
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
  • Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Geology & Mining
  • Psychology
  • Zoology

Agriculture Faculty Subjects List of RU

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Agriculture is really a necessary subject in our school and college. Rajshahi University has also an Agricultural faculty subjects. There are four departments under the agricultural faculty subject. These are includes here.

  • Agronomy and Agricultural Extension
  • Crop Science and Technology
  • Fisheries
  • Veterinary & Animal Sciences

Engineering Faculty Subject List of RU

Rajshahi University provides different engineering faculties. The most demanding subjects of engineering are Lie ICE, EEE etc in Bangladesh. It has also some advanced engineering subjects. Some of these are includes here.

  • Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Information & Communication Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering

Fine Arts Faculty Subject list of RU

Rajshahi University has a lot of Subjects faculties. Fine Arts Faculty is one of them. It makes the campus more beautiful. It is a great source of creative works. There are three subjects under the Fine Arts faculty of Rajshahi University. Here is the subjects list of Fine Arts faculty. 

  • Ceramics and Sculpture
  • Graphic Design, Crafts & History of Art
  • Painting, Oriental Art & Printmaking

This is the full details article about Rajshahi University subject list. Hopefully you have enjoyed it. If you want to know more about RU faculty, feel free to ask by commenting below. Don’t forget to share with friends.

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