Is it possible to migrate Gp to Skitto?

Skitto migration process

Nowadays, Grameenphone is one of the largest operators in Bangladesh for 22 years. Many people use Grameenphone for the operator’s offer such as internet, minute, SMS package at a reasonable price.

Grameenphone operator is becoming more popular day by day because the network of grameenphone is available everywhere. On the other hand, Grameenphone has a part which is called Skitto. Skitto can also get more popularity for all the packages of low rate than Grameenphone.

As a part of Grameenphone, Gp users have imagination in their mind. It can be – Is it possible to migrate GP to Skitto? If you want to clear your confusion, you will read the whole article from beginning to ending. 

Is it possible to migrate Gp to Skitto?

Sorry. The process of migrating Gp to Skitto is not possible currently. Skitto runs on the app entirely. So, If you want to enjoy Skitto’s best service, you have to buy Skitto’s new SIM. Skitto’s SIM price is 200 taka in Bangladesh recently.  

Is it possible to migrate Skitto to Gp?

Firstly you need to sure that you want to migrate Skitto to Gp. The process is not a migration; it is called the replacement of the SIM. Then you have to go to the Grameenphone center for this help. For this process, some things are given below:

  • At first, you should have exchanged your SIM.
  • When you exchange your SIM, customer care doesn’t charge that SIM from you.
  • While replacing your SIM, you need to take that NID card, which one is used for buying the Skitto SIM.
  • The presence of the person whose NID card is using Skitto SIM is essential for the whole criteria. It is needed because the person only gives the biometric verification, which wants the customer to care for safety.

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