Dhaka To Sajek Bus: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

In recent days the name which is uttered most among the tourists is “Sajek”  which is known as the valley of clouds. ” Sajek is a union of Rngamati which is also the biggest union under Baghaichari Upazila of Bangladesh with 602 square miles. Actually “Sajek” is the name of a river between Bangladesh and the Mizoram state of India. Tripura is situated on the north side.

Sajek is considered the queen of hills which are mainly the hills of Kasalong range. but it is easier to visit Sajek through Khagrachari. From Rangamati there is no direct way to visit there because of the dense forests with hilly areas and streams. From Khagrachari It is only 70 kilometers away. Sajek will offer you scenery that will seem like white cotton balls floating around. Sajek is almost 2000 ft above sea level with grasslands and hilly tracks. There are rivers named Kacahlong and Machalong which will present you with a terrific scenery.

On the way to visiting Sajek, you will have to cross Baghaihat Police station and Baghaihat Army camp. You will need permission to visit Sajek. The best time to visit Sajek valley is September to March. You can visit there anytime but in the rainy season, the roads become riskier than most other times because landslides can take place any time that results in stopping the roads. so it will be a wise decision not to go at that time.

If you are having the plan to visit Sajek then there are buses directly going to Khagrachari From Dhaka. Only the Shanti Poribahan buses go to Dighinala. Sajek is 40 kilometers from Dighinala when it will take 30 kilometers more from Khagrachari. If you failed to have any seats from Shanti Paribahan then you can go to other buses. This article will mention the names and ticket prices from Dhaka to Khagrachari as well as Dhaka to Sajek.

dhaka to sajek bus

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Services

There are many bus services for going to Sajek. As we have mentioned before that there is no such bus which can go to Sajek on a direct trip. The easiest way to visit Sajek is from Dighinala, Khagrachari. Then you have to catch a Jeep-like vehicle locally known as “Chander Gari”. We have written all the related information together in this article. So, you can find the buses easily. Following is a list of bus services. Even we have mentioned the counters’ address and type of the buses.

Without Shanti Paribahn other buses will stop at Dighinala. Others will stop at Khgrachari.

Names of the Bus Services Contact Number Model of bus
Hanif Enterprise Bus 01971- 691  341 VOLVO AC
Shanti Paribahan Not available Hino AK 1J AC
Eagle Paribahan 01779- 492927 Hino AJ 1
Saint martin Hyundai 01971- 691341 6 Hyundai Universe AC
GreenLine Paribahan 01730- 060006 Hino 1J plus Hyundai

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Ticket Price

After reaching Khagrachari, you have to rent a vehicle for going to Sajek. There are some vehicles known as “Chander Gari”, that is a kind of jeep. That will cost you 5 to ten thousand. each jeep can carry 10 to 12 persons.
on the other hand, you can also go to Dighinala then choose your Vehicle.
The roads of Sajek were very uncomfortable and broken but now many things have been changed. Bangladesh Army has taken the responsibility for improving the roads and they are quite successful at it.  There are names of the buses which will help you to reach up to Khagrachari. There are both AC and Non AC buses but according to this article, only Eagle Paribahan has revealed the price of their Ac bus services. You can hire a whole bus too if you can build a team.
Names of the buses A/C  Non- A/C
Hanif Enterprise Bus Not available Not available
Shanti Paribahan (NR) Not available 520 BDT for E-class580 BDT
Eagle Paribahan 850 BDT 520 BDT
Saintmartin Hyundai (NR) Not available Not available
Greenline Paribahan Price is not mentioned online Not available
Name of the services Rent 
BRTC 700 to 900
Jeep 8000 to 10,000
CNG 4000 to 5000

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Schedule

There are some restrictions on visiting Sajek. You have to enter with an army escort due to security issues.  The army escort start at 11 am and 3 pm; this 2 times only in a day. if  You anyhow miss any of these 2 escorts then, There is no other way to be back in the main city. So, you should be very careful about choosing time. If you reached at the wrong time from Dhaka to Khagrachari then you have to waste your whole day and wait for the next escort.

If you reach Khagrachari city after 3 pm then try to find a hotel and catch the next day’s escort. Do not think it is a kind of hassle and a warning for all of you not to try to cross the Sajek road without army service. It may result in a great disaster.

Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh army have started this service for ensuring the security of the travelers. Following is a list of names of the busses and arriving time as well as departure time.  We suggest you choose your time in such a way that you can catch the escort service.

Name of the buses Arriving time Departure time
Hanif Enterprise Bus 6:30 AM 11:00 PM
Shanti Paribahan 2: 30 PM5: 00 AM6: 00 AM6: 30 AM6: 40 AM5: 50 AM 6: 30 AM6: 45 PM7: 00 PM8: 00 PM9: 15 PM9: 20 PM
Eagle paribahan 12: 30 PM 6: 30 AM
SaintmartinHyundai 6: 00 AM6: 00 AM 11: 15 PM11: 45 PM
Green Line Paribahan 5: 00 AM 10: 50 PM

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Counters

As  Sajek is a popular traveling place so companies have started planting many counters in different parts of Dhaka city. They are in Fakirapool, Gabtoli, and Motijhil. We have added many addresses and mobile numbers of the counters so that you can easily call and book your tickets.

You can directly go to the counters by following the location given to this chart. We have added all these numbers for serving you these advantages. We always work for your service and record all the latest pieces of information. If you find any of these numbers are not working, please comment below and let us know. we will solve the issue.

Names of the bus Locations of counters Contact number
Hanif enterprise Bus Kalyanpur- Counters, 1
Counters, 2
01713-049540, 01713-049541, 02-9010212./ 01713-049573
Gabtali Counters, 02-9012902.
Kalabagan Counters, 01730-376342, 01713-402670, 02-8119901.
Shanti Paribahan Gabtoli Counter Mob: 01833- 602862
Savor Counter 01853- 5555272
Kalabagan counter Mobile No: 01833- 602863
Eagle Paribahan Arambag (Opposite the Notordame College), Motijheel, Contact044-78113-222
FAKIRAPU Fakirapul, Dhaka Contact No 044-78113-223
Rail Crossing, Malibag, Dhaka 044-78113-226
Saintmartin Hyundai Dhaka, Fakirapul Mob: 01762691350,01762-691342
Arambagh Office Mobile: 01762-691341
Panthapath Mob: 01762-691364
Green Line Paribahan Arambagh
167/1 Eden Complex,
Arambagh, Motijheel.
9/2 Outer Circular Road,
Momenbagh, Rajarbagh.
69 Sheikh Rasel Square,
Kalabagan, Panthapath.

Dhaka to Sajek Bus Ticket Price Green Line Paribahan

We have given you all the information about reaching Sajek from Khagrachari. So, you may assume that you have to stop in Khagrachari for reaching  Sajek Valley. Moreover, Greenline Paribahan has introduced a new service of the direct bus from Dhaka to Sajek. That will be a fantastic experience with fewer problems and you can enjoy without any tension of getting the other vehicles and matching escort times. You have to call the number of Greenline service for further information. We have listed their counter address above so that you can go and ask on your own.

Dhaka to Sajek Distance 

Sajek is almost 325 kilometers away with a number of hilly roads. it took almost 8 to 10 hours to reach Sajek.  Although Sajek is a union of Rangamati, the easiest way to reach Sajek is via Khagrachari. You have to wait at least 2 hours to reach Sajek from Khagrachri. The bus rent from Dighinala to Sajek is only 50 taka per person and you can ride in motorcycles too if you are fewer in the team.

Motorcycles will cost 100 takas per person. When you are coming back from Sajek, You have to cross Baghaihat army camp. You must cross this camp before evening, keep this sentence in mind or you have to face many questions. You are requested not to take any clips or pictures of the army camp due to security issues.


You can travel to Sajek from Rangamati, Chittagong, and Cox’s Bazar but all the ways are different. From Chittagong, you have to pick a bus for Khagrachari and then go to Sajek. It will cost 190 to 200 BDT. From Rangamati there are roadways and waterways. You will start from Reserve Bazar Ghat, Rangamati to reach Baghaichari Upazila by boat.

We have described all the information for visiting Sajek Valley from Dhaka to Khagrachari. We wish for a safe and sound Journey.

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