Dhaka To Sirajganj Bus Service: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

Sirajgong is a famous district of North Bengal which is known as the gateway to northern Bangladesh. Although it is a city of Rajshahi Division, it is only 110 kilometers or 70 miles away from The capital city Dhaka. It took only 3 hours 50 minutes to arrive at Sirajgonj By going through Dhaka-Aricha Highway.

Sirajgonj is a very busy district with lots of industries and tissue factories. The weaving sector is also growing rapidly there. There are Bangabandhu Jamuna Setu and other important as well fascinating places to visit.

So, Every day thousands of people need to go to Sirajgonj From different districts of our country. Although ours is a riverine country, road transports are very popular there. Bus service is the most affordable service, anyone can travel. also it is time-consuming and cost-effective.

dhaka to sirajganj bus

If you are already on this page and reading this article that means that you have the intention to know about the various bus services going to Sirajgonj. You Don’t have to wait anymore. Following is a complete description of all the bus services, ticket price, time schedules, and all other information of traveling Sirajgonj district.

Dhaka To Sirajganj Bus Service List:

The Magnificent and Solendis appearance of Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge attracts many tourists to Sirajgonj. There is a giant dam to save people from the erosion of the mighty Jamuna river. The dam is known as the City-protecting Dam which is also a tourist favorite choice.
As many people are eager to come to Sirajgonj by bus there are many companies. There are some different ways to reach Sirajgonj by road but the Aricha-Dhaka Highway street is the fastest way to make a trip. The highway is less busy than Dhaka Tangail road, despite that way being quicker. There is another way through Maniganj- Saturia. We gathered the name of the buses with their mobile numbers for your service. You may look into it and select one as your own choice.
There are both Ac and Non-AC bus services. We listed both of them for your sake. If you can afford it, it will be better to travel by Ac bus service because all of them are Delux buses with good engines from Volvo, HINO, AFBL, etc. These buses are very comfortable to travel. As they have the best features so the prices are a little bit high than the normal ones. Still, the demand for AC buses is increasing day by day. If you want to book your ticket in any of the following bus services in Ac or non Ac you can easily call on the given numbers.
Ac Bus  Non Ac Bus Bus contact number
Orin Travels Orin Travels 01761-086500
Ovi Classic Ovi Classic 01728-588540
Star Lit Paribahan Star Lit Paribahan 01711-788343
S I Enterprise S I Enterprise 01612-055664

Dhaka To Sirajganj Bus Schedule:

People have different preferable times to travel. So knowing the bus service schedule gives them the opportunity to select the right and comfortable time for getting on the buses. There are several bus services from Gabtoli bus station. The most known bus service Orin travels departed from the capital after 2.30 pm. Ovi classic and Starlit Paribahan also follow the same time schedule. Si Enterprize and FK super deluxe has more than 3 trips starting from morning to late night for instance 9 am to 11 pm.

However, You have to be careful about the bus schedule. Sometimes the bus owners and the laborers call for the strike. That day all buses remain stopped. Sometimes due to traffic jams as well as excessive load buses can not reach Dhaka properly, in that case, the time schedule can be altered.

The better and most suitable way is to call in the particular counters before coming to the station. The bus service authority is sincere enough to let you know if anything bad happened. Moreover, you should check for your own safety.

Dhaka To Sirajganj Bus Ticket Price:

The ticket prices of Ac and Non AC services are different. Passengers take the tickets of their own choice. There are three different highways to reach Sirajgonj by bus. So distance and time for reaching may vary from bus to bus.

sometimes During Eid, Pooja, Pahela Boisakh, or in other festivals, it is complained by the customers that the authority is demanding more money for the accelerating demand. That time you can choose an online service for purchasing tickets without much hassle.

In the summertime, it is not easy to get the ticket of AC bus service on the instant. So, If you are desperate to have an Ac bus ticket then it will be wise to get your tickets two or three days before the travel date.

In Addition, we suggest you not collect any tickets from the black market. Often they are fake and compel you to spend a lot more money on tickets.

Following is a list where we have written the price range of tickets. Ac And non-Ac both are mentioned there for your benefit.

Bus Name Ac Bus Service  Non Ac Bus Service 
Orin Travels 500 Tk 700 Tk 800 Tk 350 Tk
Ovi Classic 350 Tk 250 Tk
Star Lit Paribahan 350 Tk 250 Tk
S I Enterprise 400 Tk 250 Tk

Online Ticket Booking:

The bus company can not move nowadays without an online ticket service. People are fond of buying tickets online for saving their time and money. Sometimes they reside in very distant areas so it is expensive to come to the counter and buy tickets.

Although online ticket services cut some service charges, most of the time it is cost-effective and very helpful for people who are in difficult condition to move, hospital patients, or physically challenged individuals.

For booking tickets online you can choose the particular website of any bus. Besides, there are other online portals that combine most of the buses for the welfare of the passengers. They are like shohoz websites and others.

First of all, you have to open the webpage by entering your destination and boarding points. then choose your favorite bus service and book tickets. They will require your personal information like name, email, phone number, etc. from there you will get an SMS on your given mobile number.

An important thing to remember is these websites will tell you to pay within 20 minutes for confirming your tickets. if you failed to do it then it will be canceled. For paying you must have a debit card, credit card, master or visa card. you can clear the payment by using mobile banking services too like bkash, rocket, upay, etc.

Location And Address of the Counters of  Dhaka To Sirajganj Bus Service

Although there are many buses for going To Sirajganj from Daka. It is not easy to find the counters. Bus companies like s lam, Green line, Star lines, etc have many counters all over Dhaka city and people can easily find them when they need them.

but buses like Orin travels, Ovi paribahan and Star lit, etc which go to Sirajganj directly do not have several counters. they have the counters only on Kallayanpur and Mirpur 2 locality. so, those who are interested to travel Sirajganj must reach these counters. For this purpose, they have to know the exact location of the counters. Otherwise, it will make a great disturbance on travel and purchasing tickets.

In the given list below we gathered all the addresses of the counters for going Sirajgonj including their calling number.

Bus name Location/address  Counter number 
Orin Travels Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka (Khwaja SuperMarket).Gabtoli Counter, Dhaka (Rajab Ali Market), 01785-993004.01785-993008.
Ovi Classic Mirpur 2 Dhaka district, technical crossroads counter Dhaka District City counter Bus Station 01728-588543, 01715-114095.01715-155939
Star Lit Paribahan Mirpur Road, Mirpur 2, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh, Dhaka Division. 01731-819495
S I Enterprise Mirpur 2 Counter, Dhaka District City Kalshi Counter, Mirpur, Dhaka District City 01747-875588, 01720-010543.01760-168234, 01992-770166.

FAQsFrequently Asked Question:

Q. What is the time difference between Dhaka and Sirajganj?

All area of Bangladesh follows GMT+6 time. To reach Sirajgonj from Dhaka it will take 3 to 5 hours depending on the particular routes.

Q. What is the distance between Sirajganj and Dhaka?

Sirajgong city is 130 kilometers away from Dhaka. By road, the distance will become almost 152 kilometers.


All the information mentioned above is based on the latest data. If you have any complaints about anything please let us know via comment. And if this article helps you to know the bus schedules, bus ticket price, and counter numbers, then please share it with others. We wish you a risk-free journey.

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