S Alam Paribahan: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

S Alam Paribahan is one of the greatest bus service providers in Bangladesh. It has started its super deluxe bus service in 1990. From that time it has gained the heart of the customers. The owner of this bus company is famous businessmen Shah Alam and his brothers from Chittagong.

It is not a surprise that the buses of S Alam Paribahan move only on Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to other districts as well as Upazilas vice versa.  Still, now their services have not reduced their marvelous service despite the company having modernized their facilities. The ride from Chittagong main city to other surrounding districts and sub-districts. So we can say S Alam Paribahan is rendering services to the south-eastern part of Bangladesh.

The thing which helps to bloom S Alam Paribahan most is their priority to avail the advantages of customers at theirs’ best. Their staffs are well-behaved and will beside the clients through thick and thin. If any problem occurs, the executives draw the line and put heads together for resolving the matter.

s alam paribahan

We are providing all the information of S Alam Paribahan services regarding different districts of Chittagong.

  • Chittagong to Chakaria
  • Chittagong to Satkania
  • Chittagong to Amirabad
  • Chittagong to Patia
  • Chittagong to Taitong
  • Chittagong to Pekua
  • Chittagong to Teknaf
  • Chittagong Magnama
  • Chittagong Badarkhali
  • Dhaka to Chittagong
  • Chittagong to Benapole
  • Dhaka to Bandarban
  • Dhaka to Kaptai
  • Dhaka to Rangamati
  • Dhaka to Khagrachhari
  • Dhaka to Nazirhat
  • Dhaka to Patia
  • Dhaka to Hathazari
  • Dhaka to Benapole
  • Dhaka to Chakoria
  • Dhaka to Amirabad
  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

S Alam Paribahan Ticket Price

 S Alam Paribahan has both Ac and NON-AC service in Dhaka Chittagong highways.  On other routes, there are non-AC buses only. The seats of the buses are comfortable chair coaches.

From the start, S Alam Paribahan has a good name for reasonable ticket prices. No history of increased fare is recorded against this transport service. The buses always depart on time so customers are very happy with this company.

The price of the tickets is determined by the distance of the routes. The AC buses charge more than others. All the prices are from Dhaka to those Districts.

Destination Ticket Price (BDT)
Chittagong 430
Cox’s Bazar 700
Chokoriya 650
Bandarban 550
Benapol 500
Kaptai 500
Patiya 500
Rangamati 540
Hat Hajari 480
Najir Hat 490
Khagrachori 450

Time Schedule

 Different buses depart at different times from various locations. Sa Alam Paribahan has a great reputation to maintain their given time schedule. Their drivers are expert and responsible enough to deliver the passengers in time to their required places. From 7 am of the morning their buses started to move till 11 pm at night.  they always promise to make you reach the destination on time.

So, it will be your duty to arrive at the counter on time. If you failed to reach on time there is a possibility that you may miss the bus service. you have to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time mentioned on the tickets. The authority is very punctual so they will not offer the money back. Following is a list of destinations and times for your help.

Destination Time Destination Time
Chittagong 06:15 Cox’s Bazar 21:00
Rangamati 08:00 Rangamati 21:45
Khagrachori 08:30 Bandarban 22:15
Bandarban 08:45 Cox’s Bazar 22:30
Kaptai 09:15 Chittagong 22:45
Chittagong 10:00 Kaptai 22:45
Najir Hat 10:45 Najir Hat 22:45
Patiya 11:30 Cox’s Bazar 23:15
Chittagong 12:15 Chittagong 23:15
13:30 Cox’s Bazar 23:30
14:30 Khagrachori 23:00
15:30 Chittagong 00:15
16:30 Khagrachori 00:15
17:30 Chittagong 00:30

S Alam Bus Service Online Ticket Booking.

Online ticket booking is gaining popularity because they will assist you to save time and money at the same phase. You can easily book your desired tickets by calling on the nearest counter number. For purchasing tickets online you have to sign up on the Shohoz website.

Then, You will give your personal information including a legitimate phone number.  They will provide you with an SMS when you will book the tickets. There is an alert that it will stay only for 20 minutes.  You have to pay within 20 minutes or your ticket will be canceled.

Be careful while giving payment. That will require your personal Bank account number or mobile banking number. Never trust any third party or unknown sites for purchasing tickets. There are many spam websites.

All Counter Contact Number

 S Alam Paribahan has many counters in Dhaka and Chittagong. You may need the address of the counter because finding a counter near you will help a lot to maintain the goods and bus schedules. If you have the list of counter numbers then you can easily call on their number and ask for related information about S Alam Paribahan.

For your service we have collected all the numbers of different counters with their location.  If you look on the following list you can search for the nearest counter and find it easily. as numbers are also included so you can call them too.

S Alam Paribahan Dhaka Counter

Dhaka is the most important city of Bangladesh as it is the capital. Thousands of people come to Dhaka every day from Different districts of Bangladesh. S Alam Paribahan is a well-reputed bus service for providing quality service in the southern part of  Bangladesh. they have a lot of counters in the megacity Dhaka. They are in different locations. We have added their location with the phone numbers. So, have a look at the following list.

Counter Address Contact Number
Fakirapul Counter, Dhaka Phone: 02-7193961
Kamalapur Counter, Dhaka Phone: 02-8315087, 01917-720395
Suritola Counter, Dhaka Phone: 02-9566654
Gabtali Counter, Dhaka Phone: 02-9002702, 01813-329394

S Alam Bus Chittagong Counter

S Alam Paribahan  is the most popular transport service in Chittagong. Chittagong is our port city and Commercial capital. S Alam Paribahan reader bus service from Chittagong division to other districts and sub-districts. The popular ticket booking places of Chittagong like GEC, Goribullah Shah Majar, Ak khan counter, etc all have S Alam Paribahan counter. If you have any difficulties on finding counters on Chittagong then you can call their number. Following is a list where we gathered all the locations and counter numbers and Chittagong.

Counter Address Contact Number
Station Road Counter, Chattogram Phone: 031-617372
Taj Market, Bahaddarhat Counter, Chattogram, Tel: 031-652478, 621991
Cinema Palace Counter, Nondan kanan Chattogram. Phone: 031-611037
BTRC Counter, Chattogram Phone: 031-617372
OLONGKAR Counter, Chattogram PHONE: 02-43151022
Damapara Counter, near by garib ullah shah mazar market, Chattogram Phone: 031-2868566
Hathazari Counter, Chattogram Phone 01819-068677
Nazir Hat Counter, Chattogram Phone 01819-671818
Raojan Counter, Chattogram Phone: 01917-208323

S Alam Rangamati Counter

Rangamati is a favorite location for inter-country traveling.S Alam Paribahan has a direct bus service from Dhaka to Rangamati and from Chittagong to Dhaka. Every 1 hour there are buses for going to Chittagong from Rangamati vice versa but S Alam Paribahan has buses only in 3 times. So, Go to the counters quickly to grab your S Alam tickets for a comfortable service.

Tabalchari counter, Ma Telecom.

New bus station, reserve BAZAR Counter

Phone: 01679-24001, 01828-859530, 0351-61240

S Alam Service Cox’s Bazar Counter

Cox’s Bazar is the most famous tourist destination for visiting places in Bangladesh. Sometimes due to the crowd of people, it becomes difficult to purchase tickets in this city. If you have the number and locations of the counters you can skip many difficult problems. So, we are there for your service.  We listed the numbers and you will also find the address of the counter.

Counter Address Contact Number
LAL DIGHI PAR Counter, cox’s bazar Phone 0341-64286, 01917-720386
Terminal Counter, cox’s bazar Phone 0341-62902
Teknaf Phone: 01818-800040
CHAKARIA bus Terminal Counter Phone 0342-256280

S Alam Paribahan Other Bus Counters

There  are other counters in various sub-districts. As the owers of  S Alam Paribahan are from Chittagong, They tried to provide bus service all over Chittagong Division.


Phone 0303-556700


Phone: 01818-939195


Phone 01999-403688


Phone: 0361-62664

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar in the S Alam bus?

S Alam Paribahan always offers a reasonable price with a comfortable journey. It will cost only 700 takas to visit Cox’s Bazar with this bus service. The AC service may cost more.

Q: How to buy online ticket for S Alam Paribahan?

S Alam Paribahan has personal website named s alam bus dot com. you can purchase from the Shohoz website too. there are many other sites but be careful to choose a credible online service. You have to create an account and submit a number. After that, You have to pay via any online payment system.

Q: Is S Alam Paribahan safe?

S Alam Paribahan is very safe for passengers. They are rendering security for the customers with great care. the behaviors of the staff are quite good. they always try to help the women passengers and to give special service to the children. If you have any complaint you can call to the umber given in the ticket.


We have provided all the information of S Alam Paribahan in this article. if you have any further queries please comment below. You can have all the counter numbers and thus getting tickets of v will be easier. we wish you a safe and sound journey and pray for your family members.

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