Baghdad Express: Ticket Price, Schedule, Counter Numbers & Online Booking 2023

If it is the discussion about top, popular and comfortable bus services of Bangladesh, Baghdad Express will take one of the toppest places. Actually, Baghdad Express is mostly popular because of its ebullience and comfortable trips.

However, it is one of the safest and most popular bus services in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka and Chittagong. In short, it provides its services in several places in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Additionally, Baghdad Express provides both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned services within a reasonable and lower budget.

baghdad express

In today’s article, I am going to cover many things about Baghdad Express. However, if you are thinking of making a journey by Baghdad Express, this article will be highly helpful for you. So why won’t you continue your reading?

By the way, available routes of Baghdad Express are given below:

  • Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka
  • Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka

Baghdad Express Ticket Price with Time Schedule

Time is precious in man’s life and Baghdad Express gives value to it. Hence, they always try their best to maintain the time schedule they have fixed. So, do you want to know about the Baghdad Express time schedule? Here is me to assist you.

Additionally, I have also discussed the ticket prices of Baghdad Express in this section. However, the ticket prices of Baghdad Express are not so high. They even try to give the best service at reasonable prices.

However, to get Baghdad Express Ticket Price with Time Schedule, check below:

Destination Ticket Price Departure Time
Business Class Economy Class
Chittagong Tk. 1100 Tk. 850 11:30 pm
Cox’s Bazar Tk. 1700 Tk. 1350 11:00 pm

Baghdad Express Online Ticket Booking.

Without buying Baghdad Express tickets directly from counters, you have the opportunity to buy the tickets Baghdad Express online. So, to buy Baghdad Express tickets online, follow the methods I have given below:

  • Go to this link-
  • Select your starting point from the “Leaving from”.
  • Select your journey locations from the “Going to”
  • Then give the correct date.
  • After clicking on the search button, you will be able to see the details of your journey info.
  • Then confirm your ticket by completing payment.

Baghdad Bus Service Counter Number

Baghdad Express has counters in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar. Hence I have collected and provided their contact numbers according to counter addresses. So read and scroll.

Baghdad Bus Dhaka Counter

There are three several counters of Baghdad Express available in Dhaka. If you need the location addresses and contact numbers of Baghdad Express of Dhaka, this section is highly recommended for you. So check below:

Counter Address Contact Number
167/8 Carcular Road Eden Builden, Arambagh Counter, Motijheel, Dhaka. Phone: 01730-046040
Arambagh Counter 2 167/4 Eden bleeding Dhaka. Phone: 01730-046080
Kalabagan Counter 64/6 Lake Circus Road, South Panth Path, Dhaka. Phone: 01730-046050

Baghdad Transport Service Chittagong Counter

Are you from Chittagong and want to make a journey by Baghdad Express? If yes, you are welcomed in this section. However, the Chittagong division has two counters of Baghdad Express. Additionally, their contact numbers and location addresses have given below:

Counter Address Contact Number
5/6 Damapara Counter, nearby police line Phone: 01730-046010, 031-2854675, 031-2854676.
Pahartoli Counter, DT Road, Chittagong. Phone: 01730-046030, 031-2771067.

Baghdad Bus Cox’s Bazar Counter

Finally in Cox’s Bazar! However, Baghdad Express contains only one counter in Cox’s Bazar. Its location and phone number have given below:

Sugandha Point Counter, Kalatoli Road.Phone: 01730-046060, 01730-046070

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to buy tickets online for Baghdad Bus?

You can buy Baghdad Express tickets online directly from their website. Additionally, the methods of buying Baghdad Express tickets online have already been given above.

Q: Can I cancel the ticket?

Yes, you can cancel your Baghdad Express ticket. But there is a condition for it and that is you have to make a request for canceling your ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled timings (departure times).

Q: Is the Baghdad bus safe?

Actually, Baghdad Express doesn’t allow smoke and illegal accessories and it always gives priority to passengers’ safety.

Q: How much is the ticket price for Dhaka to Chittagong on the Baghdad bus?

Tickets prices for Dhaka to Chittagong are 850 in Bangladeshi Taka in Baghdad Bus/ Express.


However, we are at the end of this article. Baghdad Express Transportation is quite comfortable and tries to give the best security to passengers. Hence, they are very popular with several people in our country (where their routes are available).

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